Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools & Educational Facilities

Keeping children healthy and in education

How Aquatabs Flo Works

Delivering clean water to over 15 million children in over 30,000 schools across Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

The benefits of using Aquatabs Water Purification systems in schools are huge.

Less hospital visits

Reduced medication costs

Keeping children in education

Low cost

Easy maintenance

Why Aquatabs

The Simple, Low-Cost Solution to Clean Water for your School

Aquatabs community water solutions bring the simplicity, convenience and efficacy of Aquatabs tablets to community situations that require larger volumes of water to be treated in a cost effective manner


Kills viruses and bacteria, shown by research studies


No power required - uses flow of water

Low cost

Costs per person per annum from $0.04

No maintenance

Just change the cartridge for ongoing supply

Easy Install

Installed in just 30 minutes


USEPA approved for drinking water


We work with you through process


Used in over 10,000 community water schemes

Aquatabs Flo or Inline

Whatever your water source - we have a simple solution


For static water supply 180,000 litres or more

Aquatabs Flo brings the chemistry of the world's number one water purification tablets to the 'point of entry'. It is brilliantly simple, relying on the flow of water, so no power or maintenance is required.

Aquatabs Flo kills microorganisms, like viruses and bacteria, in your water ensuring that Legionella is eliminated and biofilm remains under control.


For pumped water supply 360,000 litres or more

Aquatabs Inline is the low cost water disinfection system designed to disinfect a minimum of 360,000 litres of water.

Inline is easily connected to existing water tank pipelines where access to safe to drink water is an essential requirement. Depending on water quality, Aquatabs® InLine can be easily adjusted to meet the ppm levels required in any situation.

How We Work

Schools & Educational Facilities

There when most needed

We use an approach we call the 3Ms


Customer visits are arranged to assess and measure current water supply requirements for the client. Once the service engineer has completed the assessment, the Aquatabs Flo is installed. An Aquatabs Guardian can be appointed from the school students and trained alongside the school caretaker.


The customer service team input all relevant information onto a monitoring system. Monthly follow up calls to monitor correct and consistent use of Aquatabs Flo are a vital part of the customer relationship.


Automated SMS and e-mail engagement ensure to Maintain direct contact with the customer to remind replacement of unit and follow up on customer may have about the Aquatabs Flo

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