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Everything we do is based on the application of the best science, allied to the understanding that our products need to be simple and practical. Because they need to be easily applied in often difficult circumstances.

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Aquatabs Tablets

Aquatabs® are the world’s no.1 water purification tablets. These effervescent tablets kill micro-organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases

Aquatabs Granules

All the goodness of Aquatabs tablets in granular form in a 5kg tub

Aquatabs & Plumpy'nut

A ground breaking collaboration between Aquatabs and Nutriset aimed at reducing the incidence of water-related diseases and positively optimising the cost-effectiveness of Wash’Nutrition programs

Aquatabs Flo

Aquatabs' low cost automatic water purification system brings the chemistry of Aquatabs tablets to bear at the point of entry. Simple and cost effective clean water in volume

Aquatabs Inline

Similar to Flo, but for higher volume, pressurized water systems , designed to disinfect 360,000 litres of water @ 2ppm


Aquatabs tablets dissolve in water & release hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and monosodiumcyanurate (a non-toxic biodegradable compound). HOCl is the biocidal agent. It has a similar structure to water and because of this, it is resisted less by the water and can penetrate the cell wall.


The HOCl biocidal agent is measured as available chlorine. 50% of this total available chlorine is actually present as “free” availablechlorine, while the other 50% is “combined” in the form of mono– or dichloroisocyanurate


The ratio of “free” and “combined” available chlorine always remains at 50:50. This means that the solution continues to disinfect the water until the last drop.


Independent efficacy field trials have been carried out in the following countries:

Bangladesh (AIT)
Brazil (Ministry of Marine / ABES)
Dominican Republic (Dominican Institute of Industrial Technology)
El Salvador (Central American University)
France (Ministry of Defense)
Honduras (Ministry of Water)
India (Bayer)
Kenya (Ministry of Water)
South Africa (Ngangane Lab)
Spain (Pharmaceutical College)
Swaziland (Ministry of Water)
Tanzania (Ministry of Water)
Vietnam (Institute of Military Medicine)
Zimbabwe (Public Health Lab)