Marine and Airlines

Marine and Airline

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Improperly managed water is an established route for infectious disease transmission on ships and planes. Contamination can take place within water supply, storage, and transmission. Aquatabs® has an international pack designed specifically for marine and airline situations.

20% of outbreaks on ships are attributed to waterborne diseases.

Why Aquatabs

The Best all round Water Purifier


Our lightweight blister packs are ideal for carrying

Simple to use

Just drop a tablet in a given quantity of water

Quality Assured

NSF & US EPA approved active ingredient


Eco friendly packaging, eliminates the need for cardboard


Leaves water free from nasty odour


Kills microorganisms including viruses and bacteria

Residual Effect

Stays balanced throughout use so keeps on working


Cleans water in just 30 mins

The Biofilm Problem

Tanks and water pipes in Ships and Airplane are subject to the growth of bio-film arising from infected water. Once the bio-film takes hold it will infect further water introduced in to the tanks or pipes regardless of the quality of that water.

A bio-film is a matrix of bacteria attached to pipes that continues to grow and multiply. This Biofilm is resistant to chemicals.

For this reason tanks and pipes should ideally be cleaned out. After cleaning and where access is restricted this may be accomplished with either a strong Aquatabs / Klorsept shock dose (50ppm) or by allowing a 200:1 vinegar to water mix stand in the tanks and pipes for a minimum of 4 hours but ideally for 24 hours.

The procedure to follow is to introduce the solution to the tanks and pipes and then in succession turn on all taps until the smell of the solution indicates the arrival of the shock-dose or vinegar mix at the tap point. The tap is then turned off and the mixture is allowed stand in the pipes.

Once the stand time is complete all taps should be again turned on to ensure good flush-through of microscopic biofilm globules which have become detached.

How to Use

30 minutes to Clean Drinking Water

How to Use Aquatabs

It couldn't be easier.

Just drop one tablet into the water according to the dosing chart below.

If you have a clean utensil, use that to stir the water. If you have a cover for the water, then replace that.

Then wait for 30 minutes before drinking.

Aquatabs 8.5mg
0 litre of water
Aquatabs 33mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 67mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 167mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 1.67g
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 8.68g
0 lt of water
Aquatabs Granules
0+ For all volumes greater than 1000 lt