Food Preparation

Safe Food Preparation

Good food hygiene is essential to successful food operations

Washing fruit and vegetables is very important as this removes bacteria such as E.coli, listeria and salmonella, as well as spores of fungi and mould and traces of pesticides from the food surface. But if contaminated water is used to clean this produce, or antibacterial treatment is inadequate, any contamination can very easily spread to huge numbers of fruits or vegetables. This, in turn, can mean destruction of large batches of produce, shortened shelf life, or the spread of crop diseases.

Why Aquatabs

The Complete Solution


Prevents serious illness


Reduces cost by preventing food spoilage

Cross Contamination

Reduces the risk of cross contamination


Promotes a safe working environment

Pest Control

Helps pest control


Provides a good image for your business

Surfaces & Equipment

Stops bacteria spreading on to food from surfaces and equipment


Complies with legal requirements

How to Use

Steps to follow for good food hygiene

Where fresh produce is consumed within 24 hours of washing.
a. Remove as much dirt and debris from the fruit and vegetables as possible (brush or wash).
b. Add 1 tablet to 20 litres of water. Where possible ensure that the temperature of the rinse water is about 10° C higher than that of the fresh produce.
c. Add the fresh produce to the treated water and rinse with agitation for a minimum of 30 seconds but up to 5 minutes if possible. Ensure trapped air in vegetable such as broccoli is removed.
d. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten as soon as possible after rinsing.
e. If storage is required, remove the produce and shake off excess water, spin dry if possible. Place in a sealed polythene bag or airtight container and refrigerate at 4 - 8°C for as short a period as possible up to 24 hours.

Where storage of fresh produce is required for more than 1 day.
f. As above except:
i. Add 2 tablets to 20 litres of water.
ii. When the fresh produce is removed rinse with potable water before drying the produce and storing.
iii. Immediately before use, remove the fresh produce from storage and rinse with potable water

Ensure those handling food, thoroughly wash and dry their hands before touching food
Clean and disinfect food areas between different food preparations
Keep raw food separate
Clear and clean as you go to avoid exposure to bacteria
Clean up spills and clear away unused equipment to avoid splashes and contamination
Use a disinfectant, (such as Klorsept) suitable to kill the microrganisms common in kitchens and catering settings
Store cleaning and disinfectants in a safe place and read the label before use