Emergency & Humanitarian

There when most needed

When a natural disaster occurs, it is most important that an effective solution can be put in place quickly. Aquatabs offers a coordinated approach with NGO HQ, Regional and Local offices - whether via direct agreement or supply through our network of over 100 distributors.

168 million people require humanitarian assistance each year

This is expected to grow to over 200 million by 2022

Why Aquatabs

The Complete Solution

On Hand

Stock available in 20 countries 50 million tablets held at all times

Service to you

Immediate service support 24/7/365

Quality Assured

Global Quality Gold Standard products. USEPA approved


Your technical support partner for all questions and problems


Training presentations and in-house training programmers


Full logistics support package


Our people on the ground speak the local language


Our regulatory experience is at your service

How to Use

30 minutes to Clean Drinking Water

How to Use Aquatabs

It couldn't be easier.

Just drop one tablet into the water according to the dosing chart below.

If you have a clean utensil, use that to stir the water. If you have a cover for the water, then replace that.

Then wait for 30 minutes before drinking.

Aquatabs 8.5mg
0 litre of water
Aquatabs 33mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 67mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 167mg
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 1.67g
0 lt of water
Aquatabs 8.68g
0 lt of water
Aquatabs Granules
0+ For all volumes greater than 1000 lt