Drinking Water Treatment

Why Aquatabs

The Best all round Water Purifier


Our lightweight blister packs are ideal for carrying

Simple to use

Just drop a tablet in a given quantity of water

Quality Assured

NSF & US EPA approved active ingredient


Eco friendly packaging, eliminates the need for cardboard


Leaves water free from nasty odour


Kills microorganisms including viruses and bacteria

Residual Effect

Stays balanced throughout use so keeps on working


Cleans water in just 30 mins

How Our Products Work

The Science of Aquatabs

HOCl is the biocidal agent. When added to water it becomes a neutral solution that pathogens allow to penetrate the cell wall. It has a similar structure to water and because of this, it easily penetrates bacterium cell wall.

The HOCl active disinfectant is measured as available chlorine. 50% of this total available chlorine is actually present as “free” available chlorine, while the other 50% is “combined” in the form of mono– or dichloroisocyanurate.

  • The ratio of “free” and “combined” available chlorine always remains at 50:50 equilibrium

  • As “free available” chlorine is used up (e.g. by organic matter, microorganisms, etc) the balance is disturbed

  • Part of the “combined” available chlorine is then “freed” to restore the 50:50 ratio

  • This happens until all the “combined” available chlorine is used up

The impact of this is important, because this means that the water is kept safe right to the last drop. This is because the balance between available chlorine and combined chlorine is always kept in equilibrium and there is always chlorine available to tackle microorganisms, etc.

How to Use

30 minutes to Clean Drinking Water

How to use Aquatabs in an emergency situation

(Dosage is in accordance with published specifications for emergency use at 5 mg per litre chlorine.)

It couldn’t be easier.

1) Select the tablet size for the volume of water to be treated
2) Drop one tablet into the water and mix well.
3) If you have a cover for the water, then replace that.

NB: If, at the outset, water is turbid (containing dirt particles) First filter through a cloth and then add Aquatabs using a double dose.

NaDCC Content Per Tablet
Litres of Water Treated Per Tablet
1 lt of water
5 lt of water
10 lt of water
20 lt of water
200 lt of water
300 - 370 lt of water
1000 lt of water
Aquatabs Granules
1000+ For all volumes greater than 1000 lt