Aquatabs Water Purification Systems in Agriculture

Aquatabs Systems

Quality Water – Healthier livestock & Poultry

Water connects us. It is part of our landscape and supports the richness of life around us. Clean water is an essential requirement in all our lives. Water quality for poultry, pigs, cows and the equine sector can be a forgotten, but extremely important link in the food chain. Clean water is vital for bodily functions such as nutrient uptake, the regulation of temperature, health body weight and waste removal.

“It is estimated that agricultural production will need to expand by approximately 70% by 2050.”

• Integrates seamlessly into pressurized water treatment systems.
• No power is required for purification.
• Tablets erode as the water flows.
• Simply replace the cartridge when the tablets are fully dissolved to ensure safe water every time.
• Purifies 360 m³ litres of water per cartridge.

Pig & Poultry

Aquatabs InLine, the cost effective, easy to use water purification system has achieved remarkable results in recent studies.

A recent poultry study in Malaysia noted:

• Aquatabs InLine chemistry remained stable, delivering the correct amount of HOCI at each stage of the water flow
• In solution, HOCl generates an optimum pH level ≈ 6.5 The level of active chlorine availability in such solutions is greatly superior to that of sodium hypochlorite (alkaline pH).
• Results found Aquatabs InLine has a positive impact on both weight and FCR, consistent weight levels and consistently lower FCR

A new Equine Partnership

A new Equine Partnership for Aquatabs

Recently Aquatabs partnered with ARKequine to introduce our water purification technology to equine owners, stud farms, racing and competition yards across Ireland, England and Europe.

Kirsty McCann, the Nutritional Manager for ARKequine recently spoke of the direct correlation between quality water, feed and performance levels in horses.

“every professional understands quality directly corresponds with performance, and, currently in the industry, every step is taken to ensure our horses get the best quality feed and forage. Extensive testing of forage to ensure it is hygienic and clean is commonly done but the one thing horses consume in large quantities is largely neglected, and that is water. At ARKequine, we’re delighted to be partnering with the world’s leading authority on clean drinking water, Aquatabs. With our unique Water Review system, we are now able to give trainers, breeders, and producers a detailed analysis of their water quality and in turn offer a simple effective system to ensure the same quality of water is consumed 365 days of the year”.

Our managing Director, Rosie Keary continued “Aquatabs in partnership with ARKequine, are delighted to confirm the launch of Aquatabs Inline, a water purification system for the equine industry. With its low-cost, high-value return, we are excited to bring an approved human drinking water solution to breeding, training, and competition yards around the country”.

View our online Agri brochure here!

Shabra Stables

“At Shabra Stables we are always testing the quality of our hay and feed, so it made sense to give water the same respect. After the on-site water review, there was a minor point of concern with one of our water lines. On ARKequine’s recommendation, we fitted the Aquatabs Inline water system in the lower barn and the improvement in our horses from that barn has been remarkable. Everything from their droppings improving to impressive racing performances. This has resulted in us fitting the Aquatabs system across the whole yard.”

Anthony McCann (Racehorse Trainer)

Aquatabs Flo

Fits easily onto individual water troughs and water tanks

Aquatabs Flo can fit easily onto individual water troughs and water tanks.
Relying on the flow of the water only and with no maintenance requirements, this unit can purify a minimum of 90,000 litres of water.

Aquatabs Flo Features & Benefits

Aquatabs Flo kills microorganisms in water to prevent water borne diseases. Disinfecting all water in the piped system, ensuring it is safe to use.

• Provides biofilm control
• Easy to install
• With no moving parts, requires low maintenance
• Maintains healthy water
• Is cost effective
• Tablets are visible through the unit, making it easy to see when the unit needs to be replaced

Your Infection Prevention Programme is not complete without a Comprehensive Farm Surface Disinfectant

Introducing Septrivet G, the perfect partner for Aquatabs InLine and You on the farm!

Oxidizing Biocide

Oxidizing Biocide for Farm Surfaces & Equipment

• Non-irritant, non-corrosive in authorised usage dose
• Can be used in spraying, soaking and in foam lance
• Non bio-accumulative
• Active ingredient (NaDCC) used extensively in hospital operating rooms globally

Septrivet G is made from troclosene sodium (NaDCC) which releases active chlorine
in the form of hypochlorous acid (HOCL). HOCL has an electrically neutral structure and a spatial configuration similar to the water molecule (H20). This enables it to easily penetrate the membrane or wall of pathogenic micro-organisms. In the bacterial or viral intracellular environment, HOCL triggers an oxidative shock (chlorine and oxygen radicals) extremely harmful for micro-organisms. The formulation of Septrivet G allows it to make use of all of the hypochlorous acid by buffering the pH around an acid value without rendering the solution corrosive.


Put 20g of Septrivet G for 2 litres of water into the tank of the foam lance (Solution at 100g/litre). Open the foam lance to half (0.4%) and apply on all of the surfaces. If you must use more than 20g of solution, prepare the required quantity in warm water


Prepare a solution of Septrivet G at a concentration of 0.4% (4g/litre). Spray all of the surfaces with a lance fitted with a fan nozzle, up to the streaming limit.


Prepare a solution of Septrivet G at a concentration of 0.4% (4g/litre).
50 litres of disinfectant solution for 200g of Septrivet G
Action time: 30 minutes minimum
Rinse with water after disinfection.


Prepare a solution of Septrivet G at a concentration of 1% (10g/litre).
Replace the disinfectant solution approximately every 4-5 days or in case of visible soiling.
(Place the footbaths at the entrance to the building and away from bad weather.)

NON CORROSIVE: Septrivet G used at 0.4% is non-corrosive on aluminium, copper, galvanised steel, iron, brass and stainless.
SAFETY PPE: Standard protective equipment: waterproof suit covering all of the body, gloves, safety goggles and a respiratory mask.

Septrivet G can be stored for 2 years in its original packaging. To be stored at a temperature between 5 and 20°C Away from moisture.
Close the container well after each use.