Approvals and Registration

Approvals & Regulation


Here you can view our ISO and other certificates. Click on the relevant document name to view and/or download the pdf

Klorkleen medical CE Cert

GMP Certificate

ISO 13485-2016 May 2023

ISO9001-2015 Certifcate May 2023

ISO14001-2015 Certificate Dec 2023

ISO45001-2018 Certificate Jan 2024

If you require further information, please send an email to [email protected]

Other reference sites for NaDCC Disinfection

  • WHO recommendations on Covid-19 with NaDCC granules
  • Oxfam with Aquatabs granules for both drinking water and surface disinfection
  • MSF NaDCC Aquatabs MPA (multipurpose application) 1.67 g NaDCC effervescent tablet
  • International Red Cross Federation Aquatabs NaDCC products

Other reference sites for NaDCC Disinfection