Unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene are directly linked to undernutrition in children through three key pathways: diarrhoea, intestinal worms and environmental enteric dysfunction.

In 2018 Aquatabs® and Nutriset, inventor of PlumpyNut®, announced their innovative partnership, joining their strategic expertise in water disinfection and nutrition solutions to help foster multisectoral interventions to tackle malnutrition whilst improving access to safe drinking water.

This unique partnership intends to tailor-design solutions that effectively contribute to achieving greater nutritional impact, reducing the incidence of water-related diseases and positively optimising the cost-effectiveness of Wash’Nutrition programs.




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Studies show that introducing Point of Use water treatment such as Aquatabs® to a nutrition intervention improve the recovery rates from Severe Acute Malnutrition by 16.7 to 22.2% “

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A randomized, controlled trail in Pakistan considered the direct and indirect costs incurred by the provider, for three point-of-use water treatment technologies. Combining the cost of SAM treatment and water treatment, an average cost per child was calculated for the interventions. Water treatment costs and the incremental cost-effectiveness of the three water treatment interventions were also assessed.

The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for Aquatabs® was US$24 making it the most cost-effective strategy”


Aquatabs® and Nutriset now offer an integrated approach to reduce the risk of diarrhoea, parasitic infections and intestinal inflammations (or environmental enteric dysfunction) and improve nutritional impact at a low price! This unique partnership between Aquatabs® and Nutriset brings a very important dynamic, to accelerate innovation and bring new ideas and solutions together. Underpinning this partnership is an ethos with the same values and goals common to both organizations.




Aquatabs water disinfection tablets provide safe to drink water in just 30 minutes

In 2018, Aquatabs® treated 30 Billion litres of water throughout the world in both emergency situations and households.



F-75®  Therapeutic Milk

Access to potable water in severe-acute malnutrition treatment centers is crucial, making our Aquatabs® range the perfect partner.

F-75 therapeutic milk was designed for the stabilisation phase of inpatients suffering from severe acute malnutrition, that is phase 1 of the treatment protocol drawn up by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This stabilisation phase ensures the rehydration of children and the treatment of their medical complications, while initiating refeeding.

F-100® Therapeutic Milk

F-100 therapeutic milk was specifically developed for the nutritional recovery of patients suffering from severe acute malnutrition, during phase 2 of the treatment protocol drawn up by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

F-100 therapeutic milk conforms to the specifications of nutritionists for the treatment of patients suffering from severe acute malnutrition (marasmus / severe wasting, kwashiorkor / oedematous malnutrition, mixed forms). This product must be used in therapeutic renutrition centres with medical supervision, and must not be distributed directly to families.

ZinCfant® 20 mg

Diarrhea episodes can be managed via Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) salts which are reconstituted in potable water. Practitioners (doctors, pharmacists) can prescribe, or provide free access to, kits which can ensure potable-water throughout the diarrhea-management period, not just for the concerned child but for the entire family.


Distribution of Aquatabs® water-disinfection tablets with Plumpy'Nut® can improve the recovery rate of malnourished children, lower the dropout rate by inspiring family members to return to the health-center at the end of the treatment to mitigate the relapse rate. Chlorination at-home minimizes the cost and helps to localize interventions.




Enov’Mum™ has been especially designed for pregnant and lactating women whose diet may provide energy but lacks varied and nutritious food. This nutritional supplementation allows them to meet their daily requirements in main micronutrients.



Enov'Nutributter® is intended to fortify the food supplements of young children and to aid in their motor and cognitive development.

Daily consumption of Enov'Nutributter® over a period of at least four months helps to compensate for any deficiencies in the supplementary food. It provides all the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) required for growth in children of that age group


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