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Aquatabs Multipurpose Tablets are tablets which when added to water to kill most harmful micro-organisms. The tablet dissolves clear within minutes and disinfects the water within 30 minutes. Aquatabs Multipurpose Tablets are light to carry and are used for surface disinfection and general purpose use in field hospitals and other care facilities.


Aquatabs Multipurpose Tablets are available in 1670mg tablet strength. The tablets are presented in a plastic tub with a lid with a shelf life of 3 years.

Label Claim 

Aquatabs Multipurpose Tablets will lead to a 6 log reduction in bacteria, a 4 log reduction in viruses and a 3 log reduction in Cysts (Giardia) within 30 minutes, when used in non turbid water.

Directions for use and dosage 

Each tablet is dissolved in a specified volume of water, according to the following dosage chart:

1 tablet per litre = 1g/l or 0.1% or 1000ppm available chlorine

Instruments Disinfection:

1 tablet per liter = 1000ppm = 0.1% available chlorine

Decontamination of instruments before cleaning in order to reduce risk for cleaning staff.

Immediately after use, soak instruments in clean water. Before cleaning, add 1 tablet per litre. Wait minimum 15 minutes (maximum 30 minutes to avoid corrosion). Throw solution away and clean instruments immediately

Disinfection of Clean Instruments

Soak previously cleaned instruments for 15 minutes in a solution of 1 tablet per litre, freshly prepared. To avoid corrosion, use chlorine only for good quality stainless steel instruments, use cold water, don’t exceed 30 minutes contact, don’t exceed one tablet per litre, rinse abundantly and dry instruments after disinfection.

General Disinfection

Clean conditions: 1 tablet per litre = 1000ppm = 0.1% available chlorine 
i.e. clean surfaces, clean white linen, clean equipment. Wait minimum 15 minutes before rinsing.

“Medium Clean” conditions: 2 tablets per litre = 2000ppm = 0.2% available chlorine 
i.e. floors, sinks. Wait minimum 15 minutes before rinsing.

“Dirty” conditions: 5 tablets per litre = 5000ppm = 0.5% available chlorine 
i.e. equipment soiled with blood or sputum, laboratory equipment. Wait minimum 15 minutes before rinsing.

Blood spillage: 10 tablets per litre = 10000ppm = 1% available chlorine. Soak area with the solution, and wipe off. Then clean and disinfect as usual.

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