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Drinking Water Purification

Point of Use Water Purification

Many water sources throughout the world remain contaminated and require some form of disinfection. Filtration cannot be trusted as it does not remove viruses. For over 100 years, chlorination of drinking water has been one of the single most effective means of improving public health in the developing world.

Every year there are 2 million diarrhoeal deaths related to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene—the vast majority among children under 5. More than one billion people lack access to an improved water source. Household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) interventions can lead to dramatic improvements in drinking water quality and reductions in diarrhoeal disease—making an immediate difference to the lives of those who rely on water from polluted rivers, lakes and in some cases, unsafe wells or piped water supplies. ref WHO.

Aquatabs enable areas without access to water disinfection systems to benefit from the advantages of chlorination without any infrastructure requirements in a speedy and cost effective manner. They are simple to use, easily transported, cost effective and affordable to low income groups.

Disaster Emergency Water Purification

The need for safer drinking water is never more acute than the period that immediately follows a natural disaster.

Medentech works with key international NGOs to reduce suffering during human and natural disasters. With 25 years experience in responding to disasters around the world, Medentech is well positioned in helping with any crisis with their Aquatabs water purification brand.

We have stock of water purification tablets on hand in 20 Countries around the world to aid speedy distribution when a disaster strikes.

Point of Entry Water Purification Systems

A water purification system is required for point of entry systems where water is not treated at source e.g

  • Attic and ground tanks
  • Community water points
  • Private wells & group water schemes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Water Kiosks
  • Stand pipes

Aquatabs Flo, is a new low cost automatic water purification system. It brings the chemistry of Aquatabs from “point-of-use” so that your water is treated at the “point of entry”. A patented design, its simplicity works on the flow of the water with no power or maintenance required. Aquatabs Flo, water disinfection system, kills microorganisms, like viruses and bacteria, in your water ensuring that Legionella is eliminated and biofilm remains under control. Aquatabs Flo purification system not only makes your water safer, it will continue to protect the water within your system. It can be used in new and retrofit situations and is very simple to install in most header/ground tanks for private, grouped water schemes, hospitals, medical centres, schools,wells and rain water harvesting systems. Connections will be available for hand-pumps and stand-pipes in the near future. 

Aquatabs Flo is USEPA approved for drinking water and has successfully completed extensive trials in the most challenging conditions in Bangladesh.

Aquatabs Flo Water Purification