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24 hour - 7 day - 365 days

We offer a 24 hour – 7 day – 365 days per annum immediate support service. Aquatabs personnel will assist you with all requirements including registration work, technical support and training programmes.  A huge library of technical studies & reports are available to our customers.

It is with great pride the following services are available:

  1. The best quality product
  2. 24 hour – 7 day – 365 days emergency direct availability via our emergency system.
  3. Crisis readiness – 20 million tablets in stock are held at all times for emergency situations.
  4. Technical support – Customers find this a very valuable service. Consider Medentech your technical support partner for all questions and problems. Conference papers are available for local conferences in your area.
  5. Training – Training presentations, CDs and in-house training programs are available.
  6. Registration assistance – we offer you a full dossier preparation service and important assistance for any registrations you require is available. Simply let us know what you need.
  7. Regulatory assistance – New regulations and packaging requirements are frequently updated and communicated to our customers.
  8. Library of studies – access to our technical library is available to customers.
  9. Logistics – Full support is offered as follows

    • Certificates of analysis
    • Customs documentation
    • Packing declarations
    • Fumigation certificates
    • All other logistical matters.

  10. Technical dossiers - contact us
  11. Local language & presentations/packages.


Kevin O'Callaghan
(T) +353-53-9117900
(M) +353-86-1227238


for more information about possible contact points, see the how to buy section