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For over two decades, Aquatabs have been trusted by the world’s leading aid agencies, NGOs and peace keeping/ defence forces.  In 2018, 30 Billion litres of water were treated throughout the world by Aquatabs in both emergencies and households.

Aquatabs have been independently tested in field trials worldwide in a very wide range of water types (pH, turbidity, hardness, pathogenic challenge) and have been consistently proven to reduce total and faecal coliform levels (and other micro-organisms) to zero or low risk.

Aquatabs have also undergone successful comparative taste trials internationally and have proven acceptability to all cultures.

Your assurance of safe drinking water that tastes great.

Independent efficacy field trials have been carried out in the following countries:

  • Bangladesh (AIT)
  • Brazil (Ministry of Marine / ABES)
  • Dominican Republic (Dominican Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • El Salvador (Central American University)
  • France (Ministry of Defense)
  • Honduras (Ministry of Water)
  • India (Bayer)
  • Kenya (Ministry of Water)
  • South Africa (Ngangane Lab)
  • Spain (Pharmaceutical College)
  • Swaziland (Ministry of Water)
  • Tanzania (Ministry of Water)
  • Vietnam (Institute of Military Medicine)
  • Zimbabwe (Public Health Lab) 

Independent acceptability studies have been carried in countries worldwide, here are some examples:

Bangladesh - 4 week pilot study in a slum area of Dhaka, 50 households (70% mothers satisfied) (AIT)

Bangladesh - 16 week blind trial, in a slum area of Dhaka, 100 households. (AIT)

Honduras - 3 month study in the rural village of Tierra Blanca with 200 people, without a safe water supply (Christian Children's Fund of Honduras)

Brazil - 3 week study in a village near Sao Paulo, with 350 people (70% preference compared to hypochlorite)

Brazil - 12 month study in a village of 618 people in the Bangu region, without safe water or adequate sanitation (44% difference in levels of pathogens in stool samples between treated and control groups).

Tanzania - Focus group study, in 3 municipalities, each with 2 groups (70% preference compared to hypochlorite) (Population Services International, Dar es Salaam)

Key features:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Affordability
  3. Safe to store and handle
  4. Lightweight and transportable


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