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Marine & Airlines

Crews in boats or yachts or any other marine modes of transport require water to maintain good health throughout their journey. Aquatabs are ideal for adding to water storage tanks to make water safer to drink particularly where the safety of the water source is not assured.

International pack

  • Aquatabs 8.5mg- for 1 litre of water
  • Aquatabs USA - for 2 qts of clear water or 0.8 qts of dirty water.
  • Aquatabs 67mg - for 10 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 167mg - for 20 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 500mg - for 50 – 70 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 8.68g - for 1000 lt of water
  • Aquatabs Granules - for all sizes greater than 1000 litres

Fruit & Vegetable disinfection: Disinfecting your fruit and vegetables prior to making sea journeys will reduce the risk of stomach infections.

Aquatabs MultipurposeTablets: Aquatabs Multipurpose Tablets are used for surface disinfection and general purpose use in field hospitals and other care facilities. For further information click here

Water quality test kits: These are a low cost 24 hour method to field-test the water quality

Chlorine test strips: To suit from 0.5ppm – 750ppm

Dosing systems: For continuous flow water systems.

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For more information on Aquatabs in the USA click here. Aquatabs is registered with the US EPA for sale in the USA.


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