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One Million Aquatabs

Aquatabs #10BillionLitres Challenge

To enter the contest, simply post a photo on your Facebook or Twitter account of Aquatabs being used in the field and include the hashtag #10BillionLitres. You can submit as many photos as you want but there can only be 1 lucky winner. The top 10 photos will be recognized on-line and will be framed in Medentech offices in Ireland. We will also give 20 of our brand new Aquatabs Flo ® point of collection water treatment units to the 9 runner ups.

In order to help you submit great photos, we have provided the following tips on what will make a good photo submission and sample tweets to include with your submission.

Sample Tweets

Not sure what to say when you submit a photo? We have provided you with some sample tweets to help you out! Keep in mind, as long as the tweet includes #10BillionLitres, it will be entered into the contest. You can also include a description of what is happening in the photo or explain the work you do and how Aquatabs fits into that work. 


  • We are proud to join the #10BillionLitres challenge with @Aquatabs.
  • Many sources of water throughout the world are contaminated. We use Aquatabs to make sure our water is safe to drink. #10BillionLitres
  • We use @Aquatabs in our home to make sure our water does not make us sick. Congratulations on treating #10BillionLitres of water!
  • Proud to partner with @Aquatabs to provide safe drinking water to people affected by natural disasters. Join the #10BillionLitres challenge.
  • Congratulations @Aquatabs for treating #10BillionLitres of water in 2016!

Facebook Posts

  • We are proud to partner with Medentech, maker of Aquatabs, to provide water treatment options to people around the world. Congratulations on treating #10BillionLitres in 2016!
  • Many sources of water throughout the world are contaminated, even if the water comes from an “improved source”. That is why we use Aquatabs at the point of use. One tablet kills 99.99% of disease causing microorganisms in just 30 minutes. #10BillionLitres Challenge
  • Congratulations Aquatabs on treating #10BillionLitres in 2016. We have used Aquatabs in response to natural disasters because it is an easy, affordable way to ensure water is safe to drink! One tablet kills 99.99% of disease causing microorganisms in just 30 minutes.

Photo Tips:

  1. Twitter and Facebook have different photo sizes that are best for their platform. - On Twitter, the best size for photos are 1024 x 512 pixels. - On Facebook, the best size for photos are 1200 x 628 pixels

  2. Quality Matters - Make sure your pictures are high resolution, focused, good quality, and clear

  3. Ready. Set. Action! - Photos that show an action being done are a lot more engaging than a standstill shot.

  4. It’s the AQUATABS #10BillionLitres Challenge - Be sure to include pictures of Aquatabs being used in the field. It will be helpful to make sure the logo, packages, or the Aquatabs itself is clearly visible

  5. Be Creative - There will be a lot of photo submissions, try to make your photo stand out from the rest!