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Technical Downloads

A very substantial library of technical studies is available to our customers. Please contact for your password or with your technical question.

  1. La Lettre de la Societe de Medecine des Voyages 
  2. Organization of the control of the household and drinking water supply at the post-inundation period in 2001  
  3. Improvement of Microbial Water Quality with NaDCC Tablets (Aquatabs) at the Low Income Household Level in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  4. Practical Household Use of Aquatabs Disinfectant for Drinking Water Treatment in the Low-Income Urban Communities of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  5. Pilot study on the effect of an intervention using sodium dichloroisocyanurate tablets (Aquatabs) for drinking water treatment in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  6. Household water treatment using sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) tablets
  7. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) tablets as an alternative to sodium hypochlorite for the routine treatment of drinking water at the household level.
  8. Practical Household Use of the Aquatabs Disinfectant for Drinking Water 
    Treatment in the Low-Income Urban Communities of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  9. Improvement of Micobial water quality with NaDCC tablets (Aquatabs) at the low income household level in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  10. La quaite de l'eau de boisson du voyageur


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